A drop-in subscription billing UI for Laravel

A lightweight alternative to Laravel Spark


The missing UI for Laravel Cashier

Chip was created to be a lightweight alternative to Laravel Spark. It is a drop-in subscription billing UI powered by Stripe and Vue.js components. It allows you to focus your time and energy on building your SaaS app rather than worrying about the complexities of the billing system.

Front-end components powered by Vue.js

Create a billing UI in your SaaS app using front-end components powered by Vue.js.

Stripe Checkout for a world-class payment flow

Chip uses Stripe Checkout for a beautiful and simple, world-class payment flow.

Bootstrap compatible styling out of the box

Components are built with Bootstrap compatible styles for a simple setup and easy customization.

Why Chip?

Laravel Spark is packed with features which makes it brittle and hard to maintain if you want to customize any part of it. Chip, on the other hand, is lightweight, flexible and designed to be customized.


Chip is lightweight and flexible which makes it easy to customize to fit into your app.


Chips tiny size makes it much easier to update and maintain if you have customized your install.

Open Source

As chip is an open source project bug fixes and contributions can be made by the community.

Simple Licensing

Chip has two kinds of licenses: open source and commercial. If you want to use Chip to develop commercial sites, projects, and applications, you can purchase a Commercial license to keep your source code proprietary.

Open Source

  • Available under GPLv3. More info
  • Community Support
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Commercial License

  • One-off payment
  • Unlimited use on 1 site
  • Email support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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Bulk Licensing

  • Discounted commercial licenses
  • Email support
Contact Us
Gilbert Pellegrom

Who made this?

Gilbert Pellegrom

Hi! I'm Gilbert Pellegrom, the founder of Dev7studios and creator of many open source projects (including the famous Nivo Slider). I built Chip because I have a passion for building great web applications and helping others do the same.

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